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Your Suggestions, January Edition

As you may have seen on Twitter we announced the next feature to be implemented, according to your votes, is going to be Import from URL.

New Feature on AFH by a very close call is Import from URL. We will get this done asap! Thanks all for those who voted! Keep voting

— xRepinsSporx (@androidfilehost) January 17, 2013

While this feature is primarily for the developers, users will benefit as well since the developers can get their files up even quicker than they already do. That means faster updates, more often, for our users. We think that’s a win for everybody.

Keep an eye on the blog and our twitter feed for updates on the progress of this new feature. Then the next time we open up the poll for new features make sure you vote for what interests you. You can check out our suggestions page here. Keep in mind we will reset the counts before we do the next poll, sometime in February.

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