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Changelog March 9, 2013

Hey there Android Enthusiasts!

A few minor updates this week.

  • Modification to the login/authentication system. You will probably have to login again (sorry!). We made this change to help facilitate a future API module for our users.
  • Modified breadcrumbs. Mainly for Devs, you should see a little link icon in the breadcrumbs next to the name of the folder. This is a link to the folder on the “user” side.
  • [FIX] Hidden or protected files no longer show up in searches. Self explanatory. Devs, if you find this is not the case for you, first reset the permissions (open Security, hit save). If that doesn’t fix it, let us know.
  • Some internal code cleanup.

While we don’t anticipate any problems, as usual, if you have any problems please let us know via the contact form. Please be as descriptive as possible.

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