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Thanks for your patience!

Hey there fellow Android Enthusiasts!

We just wanted to take a quick second to apologize for any inconveniences you may have had over the last few days. We got bamboozled by our old host who closed out a server 10 days early leaving us high and dry while moving files to the new server. At the same time, we were making a change to the way views and downloads were being counted which, coupled with the hastily planned server move, led to a lot of errors around the site. We also had some slowness with the mirrors since traffic was diverted to a few mirrors while we moved files around.

We also want to reassure you guys that no files were lost during the move (we’re ultra paranoid about redundancy), and speeds should be back to normal soon (if not already) now that files are being spread around properly again.

We are still getting the statistics sorted out, we are working getting them accurate as soon as possible!

If you are still having issues not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get things fixed as soon as we can.

Thanks again for your patience!

Team AndroidFileHost.

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