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Changelog July 4, 2013


Let’s all try to not lose any (more) fingers to fireworks this year, mmkay?

LOTS of changes today.

Developer UI2

We did a ton of changes here. We put a ton of work into the new uploader, and we really hope you like the improvements. There will be a full blog post later with some screenshots and more details.

  • [NEW] File uploader/importer has been completely overhauled - Unified queue for your browser uploads, FTP imports, URL imports, and….. DROPBOX imports
  • Yes, we said DROPBOX
  • Better status messages about what is happening
  • Better progress reporting
  • More info about this will be in a seperate post coming later today
  • Consolidated device management into the file manager- [fix] Device deletion now works.Note, if you’ve at some point added more than one of the SAME device it will delete ALL instances of that device. So if you’ve done that, please let us know and we’ll fix it for you manually
  • If you delete support for a device…. - it is IRREVERSIBLE
  • it will delete all files and folders for that device
  • You can’t add the same device more than once :)
  • Changed the breadcrumbs in the file manager so it’s hopefully a little more useful and clear
  • Links to the user version of the folders are available by clicking the link icon
  • AJAX-ified many operations in the file manager - Adds/edits/deletes now occur without a full page reload. Handy for you guys on mobile bandwidth and should be faster for everyone
  • [fix] Followers page now shows you all your followers (paginated)

General Changes

  • Update jQuery to 2.x branch- Notably, moving to the 2.x version of jQuery means we are officially dropping support for IE6, IE7, and IE8. We hope that this encourages the approximately 1.5% of users to switch to something newer
  • We broke a lot of stuff and had to redo them, so this may be the cause of any potential issues
  • If you’re interested, more about jQuery’s changes (there’s lots) can be found here. Basically it’s leaner and faster
  • Updated other javascript libraries including TinyMCE, slidedeck, plupload, and jQueryUI
  • [fix] Fixed the download counter not firing as expected [hopefully]. There will be a post coming soon about how we handle statistics
  • Changed some css styling in various places
  • Consistent status & error notices when you do things
  • Complete overhaul to our logging system. In the event of an error we’re trying to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible

While we don’t anticipate any problems we sure did make a lot of changes in a lot of places. And while we did test as much as possible, as usual, if you encounter any problems or unusual behavior please let us know via the contact form so we can fix it as soon as we can. Please be as descriptive as possible.

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