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Changelog March 15 2014

This is mainly a bugfix update after our HUGE overhaul right after the new year. The site is now running at 3.0.2 as of this writing (yep, this is the THIRD version of AFH!).

Fixes include:

  • [fix] broken API after last update
  • [fix/upgrayde] PayPal Donate button now uses PayPal’s updated javascript buttons. You need to provide your email address OR merchant ID. A hostedbuttonid is no longer needed/used. Please note, if you were using a hostedbuttonid before you MUST go into settings and change to either your paypal email address or merchant ID because your button no longer works. Please test the button after making a change to be sure it works like you expect.
  • [fix] timezone is now set properly
  • [fix] timezone setting is respected all across the site
  • [fix] All-Time most downloaded devs is now counted accurately
  • [fix] some pages were showing pagination when they didn’t need to, and a few pages were missing pagination
  • [tweak] moved buttons around in some places where they (hopefully) make more sense
  • [tweak] changed some button colors because reasons
  • [fix] some panels were not wrapping text properly
  • [fix] now showing 404 not found instead of access denied when appropriate
  • general code cleanup
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