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Hey Everyone!

For many of you this is a time of Thanksgiving. For those of you in the USA that means long drives to your families, stories of pilgrims and Indians, big meals consisting of turkey, yams, cranberries, more turkey, pie and then going around the table and telling everyone the one or two things you are most thankful for.  Quite often those things we are thankful for are the things we value the most, things like family, friends, good health and so on.

This year we decided it was time for us to go "around the table", so to speak, and to tell all of you what we are grateful for.  All of us have been brought together by our love of Android and all that that brings with it.  There are those of us who have taken that love of Android and turned it into hobbies, jobs, and so on.

Without all of you we wouldn't be where we are at today and we wouldn't have the success that we have had. We can't thank all of our users, developers, and the entire Android community enough for supporting us along the way.

To show you just how grateful we are to all of you, we have partnered up with a lot of big names in the Android community and will be hosting a HUGE giveaway!  We call it Droidsgiving and there are over $1,000 in prizes!

The giveaway will be done via  The giveaway is open for entries NOW and will go through 12/7/15 at 11:59 PM MST. There will be ten winners drawn from all valid entries.

Be sure to be watching here, as well as on Twitter and YouTube for updates on the contest!

Check out the list of the prizes and sponsors we've got lined up below!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Droidsgiving!

  • LG Nexus 5X 32GB (Black or White) - Courtesy of
  • Moto G 3rd Gen (Custom Moto Maker Designed) - Courtesy of RootJunky
  • iDeaUSA® 10.1" Octa Core Tablet PC - Courtesy of Bane-Tech
  • UMI Fair 4G - Courtesy of DroidModderX
  • Chromecast 2nd Gen (Coral) - Courtesy of EpicDroid and
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card - Courtesy of Zedomax
  • $50 Play Store Gift Card - Courtesy of
  • $50 Play Store Gift Card - Courtesy of Qbking77
  • $25 Play Store Gift Card - Courtesy of EpicDroid and
  • $10 Play Store Gift Card - Courtesy of EpicDroid and
  • All winners will also be given a one year premium membership to

Droidsgiving – Where We Give Back To You!

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