Android File Host

Changelog March 15 2014

This is mainly a bugfix update after our HUGE overhaul right after the new year. The site is now running at 3.0.2 as of this writing (yep, this is the THIRD version of AFH!).

Fixes include:

  • [fix] broken API after last update
  • [fix/upgrayde] PayPal Donate button now
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New "devices" Method Available for API

Hey there fellow AndroidFileHost brothers & sisters!

We’ve added a new method to the API for listing devices. For usage instructions and available options please visit the API Docs and scroll down to the “device” method. This new method will provide a list of all devices, which can optionally

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API now in alpha!

Hey there fellow AndroidFileHost brothers & sisters!

We have implemented an API to allow access to some of our data. We are in a very alpha stage with it, and as usual welcome your feedback on improving it and making it work FOR YOU the way you want/need it

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Network Issues Update

The issue is with our network peer Zayo and its connection to level3.  Our provider, Zayo stated due to a backbone issue on their end, traffic going through level3 is maxing out their capacity.

They are looking to depreference that route, to help ease some of the congestion until additional

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Changelog July 15, 2013

Some patches & bugfixes were uploaded last night. Thanks to the feedback we received from everyone after the successful launch of the new Dev UI, we fixed a few bugs, added a few slight tweaks.

  • [fix] files added to an empty folder were only visible after refresh
  • [fix] IE10 doesn’
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